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Men’s Fashion Corner: Brian Says B Free

April 23, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Whether you’re chilling out around the house, doing a fitness work out, or going for the comfortable, casual but stylish look, Brian Friedman has the very thing for you.

We all have those days where you crave comfort in your clothing and that’s exactly where the professional dancer, creative director and choreographer found the inspiration to create his label, Brian says B Free (BSBF); which allows you to do just that.

‘Catering to the fashionable individual who is also in need of comfort,’ our attention was brought to the ‘The Rider’ trousers. With the variety in mixed colours available, the panelled style and use of a baggy look with a fitted leg, they were ticking all the right boxes for a stand out casual item of clothing.

Last weekend, the lifestyle brand was selling out at London’s Olympia, as the ‘Transformer’ cut away trousers, ‘Rider Crop’ shorts, tees, jumpers and tank tops were a hit amongst fellow dancers from the UK and overseas.

With the Signature Collection coming soon and a look book to give you a sneak peek inside what’s to come, we’re sure the BSBF brand will continue to be a favourite choice for the future.

Shop the collection for men, women and children here www.bsbf.com.

Image Source: BSBF

Video Source: YouTube