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Men’s Fashion Corner: Idris Elba For Superdry Clothing

March 31, 2015 | D&L

Amongst all the news surrounding who will take the lead role as James Bond in the new movie, Idris Elba’s name has been thrown around quite a lot. But whilst the role continues to be decided, Idris has been working on a new collaboration.

The star of Luther and The Wire will be designing a premium line of clothing for this upcoming AW15 season, as well as being the new face of the brand.

They have certainly made a smart move here, as Idris has done incredibly well with breaking the UK and US with his recent TV shows. Superdry Clothing has also been a successful brand for many years, with various clothing stores also selling their products. Now, can you imagine the attention this upcoming joint venture is going to receive?

On a mission to become a global lifestyle brand, the company approached Idris to showcase their future collection of jackets, hooded tops, jeans and more, as he embodies the Superdry man.

“Idris drives us into a more premium market,” said Euan Sutherland, chief executive of the brand. “He is a huge name in the US, but is very British, very grounded and very cool.”

Will you be buying from the new collection?

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Photo Credit: The Guardian