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Men’s Fashion Corner: The Classic Velvet Blazer

November 19, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Velvet is becoming a very popular trend when it comes to dresses for the ladies so guys, now it’s your turn to rock the velvet in your own way.

Guys, we introduce to you the velvet blazer! The soft and sheer material of the velvet will give an instant burst of character to your look as it’s so classic. So to match the sophisticated aura of the velvet blazer, you will have no trouble in completing the themed look.

Now you can’t just wear this with any old pair of jeans. We would certainly go with a traditional pair of straight legged black trousers or chinos for a more relaxed effect on the bottom half. When it comes to what goes underneath the blazer, how about a plain round necked t-shirt or a V-neck sweater to add more of a structured shape around the neck?

Plus if you want to add a bit more of your character to the look, bright colours to shine light on these AW days will do the trick! There are lots of classic vans, Nike blazers & smart shoes to make this your own. That’s what fashion is all about!

Image Source: Zara