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Men’s Fashion Corner: The Line Up Presentation Presents…

September 10, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

With underground fashion taking its platform this month, the designer t-shirt with a difference was a popular look and as designers’ Conflict Of Interest and LPD New York were collectively celebrating their one year anniversary, the event was even more valued.

The streetwear brands pride themselves on being different with their ‘spoof’ like images and text prints, with The Line Up presentation continuing to feed the want for fashion that’s accessible, unique and affordable.

Get involved with the Government Agency and American services look by keeping your sportswear inspired t-shirt seperates simple and let your ‘misrepresented well known fashion names’ speak volumes with their ‘comical street slogans’.

The Manhattan based event during New York Fashion Week was one of many catching the eyes of spectators and fashion lovers alike and you can still catch the action here live with L’ART on your fashion dedicated page. Enjoy.

Image Source: The Sole Purse Suit