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Men’s Fashion Corner: The Versatile Waistcoat

July 9, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

If you love dressing the part to any smart occasion, you can add a lot more to your look than just a shirt, trousers and a matching jacket. Have you ever thought of changing up your style, losing the jacket and adding a smart blazer in its place? Or even having a bit more fun with the colours and mixing up the suit and tie combo.

One part of a suit that we love is the waistcoat, because it looks great on its own, but also sets the perfect tone for a 3 piece suit. But if you want to step away from the norm, this cross hatch smart waistcoat is a perfect place to start.

The great thing about this waistcoat is that you don’t have to wear it with the sole stone colour. If you look at the back of it, the collar is stone but the rest of the material is navy blue. So you already have another colour to co-ordinate with.

Experiment with a navy blue pair of chinos and a white shirt or some navy blue straight jeans and wear the waistcoat open for a more casual look.

Image Source: River Island