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Motion Parallax Enters The World Of Film

March 22, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Remember the name Raymond KidFresh P because you’re guaranteed to see it around a whole lot more in the near future.

Frequent L’ART readers will remember his feature in issue 3 as he made 1/3 of alternative poetry and music group The Poetics. Last month the dancer in him also gave an emotional Valentine’s day tribute routine, dedicated to the memory of his loved ones.

Having already proven himself as a lyricist and a dancer with new projects to come, the world of film has now been introduced to the many talents of this University student.

Starting Motion Parallax Films was next on the ambitious male’s agenda, and the result? You’ll just have to click below to see. With a Dance Company production, here is their ‘Slight Work’ concept video, to the hit performed by Wale.

A taster of future projects from Raymond and The Dance Company’s inclusion with Issue 7 (released next month) will be up very soon.

Image Source:Raymond KidFresh P Video Source: YouTube