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MUSIC UPDATE With Marcus Canty & Wale

October 4, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

When the battle is on between contestants in a talent show, it gets really competitive when down to the last four. X-Factor USAcontestant Marcus Canty knows this all too well as this is the stage he was voted off of the show earlier this year.

But it hasn’t been the end of Marcus’ singing. It seems that having LA Reid as your mentor on a successful talent show has many perks, even after the series has finished!

Marcus has been very fortunate to release his own material, be signed to Epic Records and much recently he has teamed up with Wale in this featured track ‘In & Out’.

You can catch Marcus and Wale on this addictive track and block-party video scenes. It’s nice to see that his fun-loving character hasn’t changed as he still continues to dougie his way to the beat.

Check it out. Here’s ‘In & Out’.

Image Source: Gossip On This

Video Source: YouTube