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**NEW ALBUM** Chima Anya Presents The Doctor’s Note

November 23, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

How many hip hop artists can you name? Now how many can you name that also have qualifications to work in the medical field as a Doctor?

Meet Chima Anya, the artist who has shared the stage with greats in his genre (Jay Electronica, Flava Flav, KRS-One) and made his way onto many ‘Best of Lists’ following the release of his album New Day, released independently back in 2010.

Now back with his new track ‘Astro Thoughts’ from his new album fittingly titled The Doctor’s Note, once again Chima will no doubt enjoy the positive reception and reviews that are likely to come following his second independent release.

Already being desribed as ‘amazing’ and reviving the genre some thought was lost, hip-hop lovers are not likely to be disappointed by this one and can get their copy of The Doctor’s Note on iTunes, Amazon, Play and a hard copy directly from the man himself, just visit his site.

Here’s Chima Anya with Francis Mott in the first official release from the new album, ‘Astro Thoughts’.

Image Source: Groovement

Video Source: YouTube