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Is The New Barry M Beauty Range For You?

February 2, 2015 | D&L

Barry M have dedicated years to providing women and young ladies with beauty products. Everything from the eye-shadow palettes, your luscious lipsticks, eye-popping nail polish colours, gloss, brushes and a whole lot more.

But over the years, have Barry M kept their word to you? Now, with the new Spring make up and nail collection online and in stores, if you’re a little skeptical about what you’ll be receiving from the brand – especially with the change in their nail polishes – let’s see if we’re able to help you make up your mind.

In the past, beauty fanatics have sensed a change in the finishing of their nail polish and quite rightly. As long-time buyers of their wide variety of colours, the liquid has gone from thick to thin, making it a little more difficult whilst applying the colour.

With this dilemma comes the need to apply a lot more of the polish and being satisfied with the result after the usual ‘two-coat’ rule.

But with every negative comes a positive, right? Although the texture of the polish has changed, the professional shiny finish of each of the colours has certainly improved.

I mean, who doesn’t love a compliment? You’ll be getting a lot of those when you trust in Barry M. Plus, how many other brands are offering you such a wide range of nail colours (that can be successfully applied on natural and acrylic nails) in various finishes such as matte, gelly, glitter, sequin, silk, confetti, chameleon and magnetic? Plus, don’t forget, long lasting.

Yes, other brands have their own version of some of these nail styles, but if you’re looking for a retail friendly price and a new and improved sense of style, Barry M are here to stay.

Have you made your decision?

Photo Credit: Barry M