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NEW MUSIC: 88Music’s M Black In ‘CTRL’

NEW MUSIC: 88Music’s M Black In ‘CTRL’

October 18, 2014 | D&L

88Music’s M Black has released a new track and with it follows a new direction into the world of RnB and Soul.

With a current background in areas of dance and house tracks, the vocalist is making the new single ‘CTRL’ (Control) the last from her project, as she showcases her love for another genre and the ability to be diverse in her talent.

Stating that her style isn’t so much changing but is returning to her first love with a ‘progression in route’, her previous project allowed her to get involved with elements of upbeat tempos whilst maintaining her r’n’b melodies.

“You’ll still receive songs with a house tempo here and there and the original r’n’b set,” M Black explained. “Whatever the genre, whether it be folk or jazz, the r’n’b melodies will forever be there.

“It’s about two positions you can play in a relationship,” she said of the new single. “You’re either the one pursuing or the one being pursued. No matter what relationship you’re in, you always change roles at some point, however brief. Different parts of these represent these roles. The ‘CTRL’ always lays with the pursued.

“Shout out to Tower Block Radio, always showing love.”

Check out the new video.

Track Performed by: M Black (@Marie_Boateng)

Produced By: Fis-T & Sammy (@FisdashT) (@SammySo_So)

Art Directors: Martin & Zoe (@MartinoMV) (@Zochi9)

Filmed by: SCA 2.0 & 88 Creative

Actress: Bathoni

Photo Credit: 88Music