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**NEW MUSIC** Anita Baker Puts Her Stamp On Tyrese’s ‘Lately’

August 10, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

You may not be aware of it but singer, actor and author Tyrese has grown very close to a particular lady in the music business, who he himself has described as being like a second mother to him over the past few years.

This inspiring lady in his life is none other than eight time Grammy award winning singer, Anita Baker.

Having held back from releasing an album in seven years, Anita is back with the first single release from her upcoming album Only Forever which is currently available to buy on iTunes.

Covering a single that featured on Tyrese’s debut album Tyrese, Anita puts her stamp on ‘Lately’. Clearly getting his seal of approval, Tyrese describes her cover as ‘true R&B’ and a ‘love at first listen situation’ for fans of the genre.

I feel her heart and soul through her single “Lately.” My version was merely an appetizer. Listen as she gracefully serves up a main course of soul to the soul.” – Tyrese

Be sure to click here to get a listen. What are your thoughts on the track?

Image Source: Tyrese Gibson