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NEW MUSIC: Jamie Foxx & Chris Brown Collaborate

March 18, 2015 | D&L

Jamie Foxx is one multi-talented guy. Actor, singer, comedian, are just a few examples of his work that we have seen over the years and following his last big acting role as Mr Warbucks in Annie, Jamie has now turned back to the music business.

Accompanied by Chris Brown, the two rapper/singers can be heard on new single ‘You Changed Me’, where they direct their own verses to that all important person.

Whether you prefer Jamie on the big screen or solely as a musician, there’s no denying that his 2008 album was a huge success. Who remembers ‘Blame It’? That song was definitely popular in the clubs and party scenes, as he delivered the verses, with T-Pain adding his famous auto-tuned lyrics.

Other hits on his third studio album, titled Intuition, included ‘Just Like Me’, ‘Digital Girl’, ‘She Got Her Own’ and ‘Why’.

This album was so popular because Jamie wasn’t afraid to produce the songs he wanted to hear, as well as share his own personal experiences through his songs. One of our favourite ballads from the album has got to be ‘Rainman’. Did you know he could sing like that? It’s pushing boundaries like this that makes us love Jamie even more; that element of surprise that he brings to each project.

‘You Changed Me’ will be the first single to come from Jamie’s upcoming album, due on May 19th, and he is set to perform the song at the iHeartRadio Festival on March 29th.

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Photo Credit: Rap Up