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NEW MUSIC: Kelly Collaborates With Her Destiny’s Child Sisters

May 29, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Kelly Rowland is back to making music with the two ladies that make up Destiny’s Child.

That’s right, Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce have released another song together, but lets not take the spotlight away from Ms Kelly Rowland as this is her official single from her up and coming album Talk A Good Game, due for release on June 18th.

‘You Changed’ is the next single to represent Kelly’s next studio album and it follows the release of ‘Dirty Laundry’; the ballad that has got people talking about the singer’s relationship with a past companion, as well as her fellow bandmates. But despite being open about the relationship with her girls – Beyonce in particular – it is still all love between the ladies.

This track has been considered as one of the most anticipated songs from the album. Whether it’s due to the need for another Destiny’s Child hit or to feed the addiction of Kelly’s fans that eagerly await the release of Talk A Good Game, it is finally here for all to listen to.

Here is ‘You’ve Changed’.

Image Source: Black Current