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New Pulse Faculty Member Ian Eastwood Comes To London!

October 7, 2014 | D&L

The Pulse On Tour returns to London this weekend with heels dancer Yanis Marshall acting as the UK guest teacher for the weekend!

Ahead of the highly anticipated weekend, faculty member, dancer and choreographer Ian Eastwood shares his love for the Brian Friedman led project, his future plans and what it’s like being the newest member of the team…

As one of the newest members of The Pulse, how does it feel to be part of a huge faculty?

Sometimes it’s definitely pretty surreal for me to understand the living legends I get to teach amongst on a regular basis and even more shocking to feel their mutual respect for me as my own artist and accept me as one of their own. If they only knew how nervous I was when I first joined (laughs).

How did your fellow faculty members react to you joining the team?

At first, like I said I was really worried about being accepted, as very often in my life I’ve had to win people over with my work, drive, and passion, as I’m pretty young for some of the things I’m doing. I haven’t exactly done things in the traditional fashion, but sure enough, even some faculty members who were hesitant immediately flipped a switch and welcomed me right in after I had a chance to perform one of my solos at the second Pulse.

What are you most looking forward to about teaching in London?

This will be a really cool experience for me actually, because I have come to the UK tons of times to teach classes on my own private tours. Yet I’ve always considered Pulse as a kind of different category of teaching style, as it is a convention and not a studio. It’ll be interesting because it’s almost like two separate worlds of mine are colliding all for one great weekend. I can’t wait!

What have you got in store for those taking part in your London workshop?

For my London workshop I really have just a more intimate vibe prepared. Like I said, teaching convention is a totally different beast than teaching workshops, so it’ll be really awesome to teach in both worlds this weekend.

What would you like dancers to learn from their Pulse experience?

I think what’s most important is just to gain as much knowledge as possible. There’s a ton of really great faculty with years and years of experience. I think the mental training of dance is just as important as the physical training and technique that people focus on. The Pulse is jam packed with great teachers who are artists and motivators and even if you were a parent who didn’t do one dance move over the weekend, I’m sure you would walk away inspired with at least one thing that can be applied for anyone in life.

What solo projects of yours can we look forward to this year?

Well, most recently I just finished as the supervising choreographer on a fantastic film called “Breaking Through,” coming out sometime next year, but since that was a crazy amount of work, I’ve actually been taking some time to get back into shooting my own videos for my channel and being creatively independent again as the year comes to a close, so I can be juiced for next year and whatever is in store!

Are there any future shows or performances we can catch you at?

My Youtube channel is a free show available 24/7 (laughs)… youtube.com/djicon

What would you say has been your biggest achievement in your career so far?

I would say my biggest achievement is each new person I reach that wasn’t interested in dance before. Sometimes it’s really easy to get lost in the negativity that grows more and more as social media slowly takes over everyone’s lives, but every once in a while, a kid that may be really shy or has a hard life will tell me how my videos have affected their life. Suddenly it makes everything disappear and I feel like there is a purpose to everything I do and everything I fight hard for to create.

In five years time, what else would you like to achieve in your career?

In five years I would really like to already be directing things, long term that’s really what I see for myself. I already write, direct, produce, choreograph and dance all of my videos and as film is my second passion, I really want to be a director some day.

Photo Credit: PTC Productions

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