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**NEW VIDEO** Brandy Featuring Chris Brown In ‘Put It Down’

August 15, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

This track made it as our anthem of the week back in April and now the banger has a hot music video to match!

‘Put it Down’, the single release from singer Brandy’s forthcoming album Two Eleven features R&B singer Chris Brown and has proven to be as much as a hit with the ladies as it has been for the men.

With the pair providing their vocal talents over an addictive beat produced by Bangladesh, just try not to get the words written by Sean Garrett ‘I’ma put it down, you gon’ fall in love’ stuck in your heads.

Brandy’s sixth studio album which also features her latest duet with Monica ‘It All Belongs To Me’, will be released later this year.

Here’s the ‘commercial’ yet hip-hop club vibe single ‘Put It Down’.

Image Source: Miss Info Video Source: YouTube