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NEW VIDEO: Drake Looks Back On His Life Journey, In ‘Started From The Bottom’

February 11, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Fresh from his Grammy win last night, Drake’s new video is becoming a hit with his fans worldwide, with his single ‘Started From The Bottom’ reaching the masses.

Taking it back to Toronto, Canada, his native country, Drake shows his humorous and celebratory side as he takes into account his journey in life, from his beginnings, to where he stands as a Grammy award winning rap artist today.

Including references to his mum and his team within the lyrics, the ‘Started From The Bottom’ visual is directed by X and Drake, with the time taken to include a skit that highlights his time spent working in a convenience store.

Complete with a party, pool antics and dance moves from the man himself, here’s the first track from Drake’s upcoming new album, that has everybody singing ‘started from the bottom now we here’.


Image Source: Vibe

Video Source: Vimeo