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New Year New Wardrobe: Your Top SS17 Essentials

January 11, 2017 | D&L

There is something about a new year that pushes you to re-evaluate your wardrobe – even more than usual – and look for those new statement pieces that will make you look and feel great.

Now that we’re settled in the month of January, it’s clear to see which SS17 trends are making a comeback and the ones that are taking more of a dominant role this season.

Puffer jackets, mini skirts, structured shirts, neon prints, and hi-gloss jeans are just a few of what you will start to see on the rails of your favourite retailers, and we know the exact items we want in our wardrobe to kick start 2017.

So here are the key SS17 pieces we’ve got our eye on:

New Sportswear – Sportswear is vastly becoming the go-to look for daily wear whether you’re about to hit a gym class or feel like rocking a comfy yet fashionable look. It’s evolved into a movement that we love and with more feminine shapes and palettes available, we’re looking forward to adding more designs to our wardrobe.

Standout Jeans – You can never have too many jeans but we’re always looking for colours and designs that are different to our favourite ripped, black and navy looks. Now, there is a striking range of vinyl and plastic fabrics that show off a hi-gloss finish; perfect for daily to evening wear.

Transitional Coat – If When the weather decides to get a little warmer, that’s when you’ll be glad you came prepared. Transitional trench coats are here to stay. They’re classic, lightweight and the best investment you’ll ever make.

Structural Shirt – With huge emphasis on sleeves this season, structural shirts are a must. Gone are the days of only wearing shirts for the office because these designs are perfect for casual days, dinners and nights out.

It’s time to buy your SS17 essentials. Choose your favourite (above) category here or shop all looks here.

Image Source: Topshop