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New Yorkers Jaguar Kash & Mo Pain Unite In The Name Of Strength Following Hurricane Sandy

December 4, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Kaize Adams isn’t the only artist offering words of guidance and hope to those who are still suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The hurricane devastated some areas of America and the Caribbean last month and now Jaguar Kash, a native of New York, has released a track about his beloved city, in a bid to help strengthen the spirit of others.

“‘New York Sh*t’ is more than just a song,” he says. “It represents loyalty, strength and unity at the same time.”

Teaming up with fellow New Yorker Mo Pain on the track, the duo want to encourage people to come together and help rebuild their streets. “NY stand up.”

To add to the great help, efforts and donations of locals, charity organisations and celebrities, a fundraiser will be taking place with the likes of singers Alicia Keys performing and helping to raise money for those who were badly affected by Sandy’s path. Keep a look out for more updates on the concert.

For now, here’s Jaguar Kash and Mo Pain with ‘New York Sh*t’, the track which you can download here now.

Image Source: Jaguar KashVideo Source: YouTube