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Nick Cannon Turns His Skills To Musical Comedy

Nick Cannon Turns His Skills To Musical Comedy

November 11, 2014 | D&L

Nick Cannon is returning to the world of kids and teenagers as he sets about creating a new series, The Drop, with his production company Ncredible Entertainment.

The musical comedy will follow three young girls discovering their musical talents, as they all share their love for the genre of Korean Pop.

This new venture of Nick’s follows his remake of the 2001 movie Drumline. The US College based movie saw Nick Cannon star alongside Zoe Saldana and Orlando Jones to depict the lifestyle and achievements made from the determined eyes and work ethic of the marching band.

With new cast members including Letoya Luckett and Alexandra Shipp on board, this time around they experienced Nick as a cast mate as well as an executive producer. What we wanted to know is, what is it like to have Nick as a boss?

“He’s a professional,” Letoya said as she describes his ‘chill’ attitude on the set of Drumline: A New Beat. Nick too had a love for the fun energy on set.

Playing the role of Dani, Alexandra Shipp describes her character. “Dani is very confident. Dani works hard and learns about herself through music,” she explains, as she touches on her character learning to be humble and a team player.

“I starred in the first film and it did so much for my career and the community in general,” Nick said. Shedding light on the marching experience, Nick wanted to bring the black college experience back to the screen (think ‘A Different World’) and that he did. Once he has his mind set on something, there’s no telling what he can achieve. Watch this space…

Catch Alexandra in the Aaliyah: Princess Of RnB biopic this weekend.

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