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Non Fiction: Ne-Yo’s New Sound Leads To A Remix

February 4, 2015 | D&L

Following his sixth studio album, a remix of a new released single has now been unveiled, with some help from Trey Songz and The Dream.

‘She Knows’ the remix is the latest promotional sound to come from Ne-Yo, with the original featuring Juicy J appearing on the album’s track listing.

Non-Fiction dropped last week and with Ne-Yo maintaining a new direction with his sound, credits and influences from David Guetta can be heard throughout, as well as his R&B roots, which we have come to know and love him for.

Features on the new album include Schoolboy Q, T.I., Pitbull and Jeezy, with singles ‘Money Can’t Buy’, ‘She Knows’ and ‘Coming With You’, as well as international and US promotional tracks ‘Religious’ and ‘Who’s Taking You Home’, acting as teasers for the artist’s blended sound.

So what do you think? With a love for dance and R&B sounds ourselves, it’s nice to see artists try new things, but not stray too far from their original package. Now having his audience and continuing to stay true to a genre that is thought to be dying since its 90s reign, Ne-Yo’s providing something for varied audiences; whether enjoying chilled moments, or partying in the club. What are your thoughts?

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