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Olivia Palermo Reveals Future Fashion Plans

October 15, 2014 | D&L

Socialite and fashion designer Olivia Palermo, has made a statement that her fans have been awaiting for a long time; she’s making plans to start her very own fashion house!

Olivia is a style icon to many, so this latest news is a huge deal for the fashion world, but with this news also comes a little bit of a wait.

“I would love to start my own fashion house but it’s not the right time,” she said. “I feel like I can do it in stages and when the timing is right to do it, then I will.”

Olivia is no stranger to designing a range as she recently designed her own shoe collection for Aquazzura this year. Now, in her ten year plan, a complete fashion house is on her to-do list!

For now, you will continue to see Olivia modeling for some of the biggest fashion names in the business, as well as the work she displays on her very own style blog and website.

“The website came from my travels and my friends constantly asking me, “Oh I’m going to Berlin, I’m going to London, I’m going to Madrid… Can you recommend any great spots to visit?” So the site evolved through my experiences of travel, places I like, people I like and shows.

“I have three people that work on the editorial side on a daily basis, an entire team who handle the back-end and myself. I have my hands full at the moment.”

Only time will tell when it comes to Olivia’s next big move. Keep a look out!

Photo Credit: Mail Online