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Onyx’s Sonsee Set For 2012 Solo Release

May 1, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Having recently re-connected with his fans and the social networking world over the past few weeks, hip-hop group member Sonsee (Sonny Seeza) is all about the music and getting word out on his new 2012 album release.

Being a member of Onyx since the group were founded back in 1988, Sonsee along with Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz and Big DS put New York on the map in the 90s with their hardcore rap skills and work with the likes of DMX, Method Man and 50 Cent.

With five studio albums as a group, individual music projects and acting credits between them (fans of hit series Moesha will particularly remember Fredro’s role as Q), do you think it’s about time for another great hip-hop release?

Sonsee’s album Bridges is penned for release this summer.

Here’s the group’s 1998 single ‘Shut ‘Em Down’ featuring DMX.

Image Source: aaamusic Video Source: YouTube