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Rare Faction Feature In Smartphone App

February 24, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Dance troupe Rare Faction have been busy making movements these past few weeks and one impressive event in their dance calendar included their performance given to help advertise a new smartphone app.

Not only acting as great publicity for Oxford’s dance festival, but they’ve also been a part of history and the merging of dance with the technology that captures the attention of hundreds of people each day.

Eager to see their show stopping app performance? Simply download the 4step app (iPhone and Android phone owners only) and visit the site of Brasenose Lane in Oxford where this female dance troupe performed in order to see their piece re-enacted before your eyes. Amazing what GPS technology can allow these days right?

You can get involved with the festival that started last weekend and is here until March 28th. Visit their site here.

Rare Faction group member EmJ Greig will also be leading her own Hip-Hop taster session on March 19th. Book your tickets here now.

Image Source: Code Trip