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REVIEW: Eclipse Entertainment Presents Growin Pains

January 24, 2018 | D&L

Within a few minutes of watching episode one of the Growin Pains Webseries, you are immediately pulled into the lives of a group of engaging London youths, and you can’t help but make an instant connection with each character.

Why? Because it’s almost like you’re seeing yourself or someone you know facing similar struggles right before your eyes.

You’re witnessing – first-hand – the trials and experiences young people are faced with (men’s body issues, unemployment and materialistic view points to name a few) and they are sometimes social issues that people don’t tend to speak about so publicly.

It’s safe to say that the team behind this web series are not afraid to explore these subjects.

When introduced to each character individually, you will soon start to see how they are linked in a clever way, and already within 15 minutes of episode one, you are faced with a number of unanswered questions and shocking scenarios that you are eager to learn more about throughout the 10 episode series.

Nathan (Jovan Young) and Aaron’s (Rashid Matabaro) close relationship is refreshing to see and as you continue to watch the series, you quickly begin to see the ways in which they influence each other’s decisions in life. The result isn’t always a positive one.

You also have Alexis (Rita Bernard-Shaw) who comes across as a little lost at this point in her life with what direction to take, but you will also witness her experimenting when it comes to the dating world and also pushing boundaries where her friends are concerned.

Jackson (Tyler Myers-Williams) gets himself caught up in some troubled situations; the result of his own personal insecurities and not having life ‘go his way’.

Without going into much more detail, you’ll find yourself screaming at the screen when these characters and more are faced with jealousy, crime, money problems, parenthood, prostitution, sexuality, friendship, loyalty and an explosive finale.

Overall the web series has received some incredible feedback with the acting skills and story lines given huge recognition. Some commented on the sound quality at times but looking at the bigger picture, the talent and direction this series is heading in, certainly over powers all of that.

If you are still watch this web series, we guarantee, it’s one you won’t want to miss out on.

Watch here.

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