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REVIEW: Krept & Konan’s, 7 Days

October 30, 2017 | D&L

In a UK first -no other British artist has released two mixtapes on the same day- UK rap duo, Krept & Konan, release mixtapes 7 Days and 7 Nights, reflecting the two sides of their signature sound.

In contrast to the smooth, sultry RnB tunes of 7 Nights, 7 Days boasts hard edge, gritty club tracks, featuring artists such as J Hus, Skepta, Stormzy, and Abra Cadabra.

Kicking off with ‘Champions League’, a high energy track, the duo establish themselves as the champions of UK rap, right off the bat.

Told You’, short and intense, is a good transition tune into ‘Wo Wo Wo’ –which was released with a music video – boasts an undercurrent of trap beats and synths.

‘On My Life’ featuring Skepta is a doomy organ-laced piece, followed by the ‘Robbery Remix’ featuring Abra Cadabra; a ferocious and impactful piece displaying Abra’s freestyle.

They re-visit their Tsunami days (their first mixtape), with the raw, punchline laden track, ‘Khalas’.

In the next track, ‘Sauce’, they switch up the vibe and hit a shady flow with auto-tune vocals, followed by ‘Cold Summer’, which is a Krept freestyle, with a message about modern society’s misconceptions and stereotypes.

Stormzy features in Grime track, ‘Ask Flipz’ and floods our ears with an easy tempo and punchlines about the success of his latest album.

Following Krept’s earlier freestyle, it’s then Konan’s turn with ‘Last Night in LA’, a track that’s all about flow and wordplay. There is hunger and greed in his voice, ready to challenge anyone that ever doubted his rapping style.

‘Get a Stack’ featuring J Hus is at number 11 and is a calming end to the project, rounding it off well.

Right from track one through to the end, 7 Days is jam-packed with restless energy, one liners and wordplay galore, signalling a welcome return for the trailblazing duo -who showcase their versatility and establish themselves as punchline kings.

7 Days is out now.

Image Source: Purple PR

Words by: malvika_padin26