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REVIEW: Krept & Konan’s, 7 Nights

REVIEW: Krept & Konan’s, 7 Nights

October 29, 2017 | D&L

After doing a UK first by releasing two mixtapes on the same day, Krept & Konan are back from a two year hiatus with 7 Days, and 7 Nights.

The UK rap duo shot straight to number one and two on the best selling iTunes pre order charts once singles ‘For Me’ and ‘Wo Wo Wo’ were released, providing sneak peeks into what the mixtapes had to offer. Both are now in the top 10!

Being the first project release since their debut album, The Long Way Home, back in 2015, followers were definitely eager to hear the new music in full.

Starting the mixtape as it means to go on, with a statement of making tracks for night time listening, ‘Don’t Lie’ sets the scene with trance like melodies in tow. Giving listeners a Rap and RnB feel, the mood is set for the nine tracks to follow.

‘For Me’ follows, which was our first introduction to the 7 Nights mixtape, with the single release dropping at the end of September. With Konan singing on the hook and Krept rapping in patois throughout, the duo tend to the ladies on this one, as they serenade the lady who looks better than her IG in person.

Next up is the first of the features, as singer and producer, Hudson East, appears on ‘Ride For You’. Taking the tempo up a pace, the three make it clear to their ride or die’s that they’re all about providing. The UK artist also lends his vocals on later tracks ‘Save Some’ and the final track ‘Take Time’, offering versatility on all three, but not before US singer, Jhene Aiko does her thing on one of our personal favourites, ‘Wrongs’.

Bringing sass and attitude with lines such as “…but be careful and watch your tone, I know it’s bitches on your phone,” ahead of the beat drop, Jhene and the guys go back and forth, as they portray a couple in dispute.

Now being half way through, ‘So Lit’ is next with the Tory Lanez feature, ‘Same Sh*t’ following. Bringing some Canadian swag to the track with a message in tow, the slow jam flow continues but switches up slightly with a harder groove.

‘One More Time’ takes us closer to the end of the sultry project, with the sweet vocals of Nia-V featuring on ‘The One’, allowing us to zone out as the duo pull on our heart strings for the duration of the track.

Back for the final track, Hudson East can be heard on ‘Take Time’, as the fellas take us out with a want not to be compared to other guys before them, when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Overall Krept & Konan offer a smooth and laid back feel, perfect for those slow jam sessions, whether you’re in the company of that special someone, or happen to be in your feelings after a night at the club.

No matter the scenario, the contrast of sounds which previously came on 7 Days, these mixtape releases are a great representation of versatility from the two.

7 Nights is out now.

Image Source: Purple PR