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REVIEW: Wretch 32’s, FR32

REVIEW: Wretch 32’s, FR32

October 29, 2017 | D&L

Focused like never before, Wretch 32 is back with his fourth studio album, FR32.

Following the release of last year’s, Growing Over Life, Wretch is here to remind you (just incase you needed it) just why he is one of the UK’s most celebrated MC’s .

With 12 new tracks provided, including the singles ‘Whistle’, ‘Tell Me’ and ‘His & Hers Perspectives’, Wretch has already taken his new music to the stage, with a show at Shepherd’s Bush o2 Academy scheduled for December 11th.

Kick starting things with a statement in ‘DPMO’, Wretch gets listeners on his level from the get go with his fiery delivery and lyrical flow, acting as the perfect intro to the quality of tracks that are to follow.

‘Gracious’ is next, featuring UK vocalist, Loick Essien, with a message to always “be great, be gracious” and a reminder that saying Grace and being grateful for the privileges you have comes at no cost. Not one to brag about all that he has, Wretch is here to talk the truth, whether it results in a club banger or not.

The Whitney Houston sampled track, ‘Tell Me’ follows with Kojo Funds and Jahlani featuring. Instantly having us reminiscing from the intro with its familiar sounds, Wretch switches it up as he raps in patois, (his family’s native tongue). With a shout out to his home town as he requests “Tottenham gyal whine pon de edge, Kingston gyal whine til yuh dead,” this tune is an instant favourite.

With a genius idea in the form of ‘His & Hers (Perspectives)’, Wretch delivers a one man monologue, depicting the point of views of the male and female when it comes to relationships. Giving us perfect freestyle vibes with this one, this track is no doubt an eye opener for many when it comes to looking at situations from the point of view of others.

Other features on the album include J Warner on ‘Happy’ and ‘Power’, as well as Yxng Bane, and Avelino on Break-Fast, overall representing a great line up of UK talent.

Taking us into the second half of the album, ‘Good Morning’ sees Wretch sing alongside singer and songwriter, Rukhsana Merrise. Giving us flashbacks to his vocals on ‘6 Words’, the track has a positive vibe, with references to females in his life (including his mother), as he encourages listeners to take each new morning as it comes and to use it as an excuse to start a fresh where needed.

Yet again giving fellow artists a platform and showing love for London based talent, he joins forces with spoken word lyricist and artist, Kojey Radical, on ‘Colour Purple’. “I was 14 when I first knew I was black / Not my pigmentation but hatred and fear attacks,” Kojey states, as he opens his verse with an eye opening reality. With Wretch later declaring that he’s feeling colourful, they’re possibly creating links between renowned novel, film and musical, The Colour Purple, with the message in the track encouraging us to look for the positives in life to enjoy, after all; “This is my palette, this is my talent / These watercolours got me feeling like I’m magic”.

Bringing the album to a close, ‘Time’ is a reminder that we never have as much of it as we think, so not to take it for granted, followed by the life wishes of many on, ‘Thug’s Prayer’.

Single release ‘Whistle’, brings things to a banging end with the sounds of Donae’o and Kojo Funds in tow. Acting as the first introduction to the album via single release, this track represents UK rap at its best, leaving listeners forming their best stank faces to match the addictive beat.

FR 32 is out now.

Image Source: Chuff Media