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Rita Ora Unveils First UK Single Release

February 29, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Hands up who was feeling last week’s weekend anthem with Jay-Z’s british artist Rita Ora? This rnb, pop and neo-soul artist is signed to Roc Nation and has been hard at work on her debut album for the past few years.

If you were left wanting more from the singer, she has done just that for you and has teamed up with UK favourite Tinie Tempah on the track ‘R.I.P.’, making the single her first UK release.

Sending out a message of burying your old ways and saying goodbye to the person that she used to be, this hot music making duo focus on moving forward for the better.

Did you know she has already had cameo’s in Jay-Z’s ‘Young Forever’ music video as well as Drake’s ‘Over’?

Look out for her first studio album due this summer, including the tracks ‘Party & Bullshit’ and ‘R.I.P’, but for now, here is Rita Ora with Tinie Tempah.

Image Source: Rocnation