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River Island’s Design Forum Welcomes William Tempest

November 6, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

River Island shoppers have been given a treat this season, as a limited edition collection courtesy of fashion designer William Tempest is available for us ladies to get our hands on.

Taking inspiration from his muse, model and 1920’s dancer Louise Brooks, William has created a vision of dresses, shirts and handbags complete with sequins, vintage looks and of course the popular flapper styled dresses of the era.

Being a huge fan of art and graphics at school, William’s love for all things creative eventually turned to the art of fashion and he’s even revealed that his favourite piece of the collection he’s created for the Design Forum is the flapper dress, which he’s provided in two colours.

We’ve picked out the black sequined midi dress and paired it with the ball clutch, making this a great timeless and sophisticated look for the festive period to come, but you can see and shop the whole collection for yourself right here.

Gunmetal Design Forum Ball Clutch- £35

Black Design Forum Sequin Maxi Dress- £150

Image Source: News Events