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Sabrina Chap Visits The Young Women’s Music Project

November 20, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Playwright, spoken word artist, songwriter and editor, Sabrina Chap will be leading a workshop at Studio Blanco.

The workshop will take place between the hours of 16:30-18:30 this Saturday and is free for all to attend at the home of BG Records.

If you’re passionate about music, girls are recommened to make good use of this opportunity as not only was Sabrina’s work featured in the International Museum of Women’s online exhibition, but she is also responsible for the impact and knowledge spread in her publication Live Through This: Creativity & Self Destruction.

She describes this as “a fearless exploration of women’s silent rage, the power that can come from internal struggle and the possibility of transforming this burning force into fierce and enlightened work.”

‘Encouraging young women to elevate and progress within the music industry’, the Young Women’s Music Project will host the event as they strive to promote positivity and growth through meetings, worskhops and performances. The girls involved get a chance to try different genres and styles whilst also gaining guidance from experienced female musicians along the way.

A special bonus to the day includes Sabrina’s evening performance with fellow female artists Eloise Rees, Ellie Jamison, Rosie Rowland and Uneek joining her, with styles ranging from soft acoustic to rap.Arrive at 19:00 with an expected finishing time of 22:00, with your £3 at Studio Blanco, Oxford to get involved. All ages are welcome.

Image Source: BG Records