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E4’s Youngers Results In A New Music Release

May 16, 2014 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Back for its second season, the much loved comedy drama series further delves into the lives of three friends Yemi, Davina and Jay, who are eager to break the music business and what better time to bring in the new sounds of an RnB and Soul track?

‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ is the new single featuring vocals from Sara Silveira, which has been released under Big Talk Productions and is available to purchase on iTunes today!

Featuring on the E4 series, the soulful track ties in well with the trio’s journey as they continue to work towards kick starting their careers in their own individual ways, not to mention the upcoming launch party which will soon feature on our screens.

Don’t forget to stay tuned in and get your copy of ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ over on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Youngers

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Comedy Drama Youngers Returns For Series Two