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Shystie Is On Hand To Freestyle For Westwood

January 26, 2015 | D&L

The UK’s Shystie has stepped in the booth for a freestyle session with Tim Westwood!

The female MC and performer was on hand to showcase her talent when it comes to freestyle, as she recorded a crib session with the popular DJ and radio presenter.

Currently in the midst of recording her new EP, Exhalation, the artist has been busy working with the likes of Jalissa, Charlie Brown, Zoe Kypri and Misha B!

“It’s really good feel good music,” she said in a recent interview with L’ART.

“When I was writing the songs, instead of writing dark songs, it was more uplifting.

“It’s a good result.”

Shystie’s single ‘Let Me Go‘ is out now.

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Photo Credit: Conversations About Her