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SPOTTED: Gabrielle Findley In ‘Crash’

March 3, 2015 | D&L

Have you heard of Gabrielle Findley? We did last month and with her new single ‘Crash’ making its radio debut last week, we can already tell that this track is going to be a huge hit with all Pop, R&B and soul music lovers.

When listening to ‘Crash’ for the first time, we were immediately drawn in by Gabrielle’s dulcet tone and this was a smart choice on her part, where you can really hear what she is able to do with her voice.

Then when you least expect it, the beat drops in and she takes it up a few octaves, taking you on a journey with her voice, as well as with the lyrics of this personal song.

As a singer/songwriter and being a part of Lab Records, our introduction to Gabrielle was a great one, so we want to share this talent with you and you can also check out the rest of Gabrielle’s work right here.

Here is ‘Crash’.

Let us know what you think.

Photo Credit: YouTube