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Style Favourite: Giuliana Rancic

January 17, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Who do you look to for style inspiration? We have quite a few stars on our list as well as close friends of ours. That one striking piece can really make an outfit look simple but affective.

On the other hand you may look to other factors such as a particular era of clothing that you adore, such as the 50’s or 80’s. Either way, fashion should always be fun.

That’s exactly what we think of our style favourite of today; Giuliana Rancic. The TV presenter and recent business woman represents fashion for all young women and adults. Her job role means she is constantly in front of the camera and when millions of viewers are watching you, your appearance is always going to be up for discussion; she even does this herself on the panel of Fashion Police with Joan Rivers and company.

So today, she is our topic of conversation, but for all the right reasons. Here is why Giuliana Rancic is our style favourite.

Personally we like a lot of colour in an outfit but on the occasion that we do wear an all black look, we like to mix and match with the textures. That way you’re still adding ‘character’ to your clothes. Lace and velvet are great choices at the moment when it comes to different textures and there are also trends such as peplum and patterns – stripes, polka dots, embellishments – to turn to.

For the Golden Globes red carpet Giuliana was all about the textures. She looked stunning in a floor-length velvet gown that embodied what you could call a ‘peacock effect’, with the embellishments from the waist up.

Any form of animal print is enough to add character to any outfit, but Giuliana has gone that one step further and perfectly matched a sheer blouse to compliment it. You may shy away from both halves of your outfit having a pattern or something that makes a statement from the fear of looking ‘too busy’, but Giuliana has shown that you can never go wrong with different textures of black; especially with this look.

Even when she’s keeping it professional in the shape of an A-line dress, the striking pattern of the flowers and the colours used are sure to brighten up anyone’s day. Plus, the way the black stitching has been strategically placed down the centre – vertically and horizontally – and in the shape of some side pockets, this immediately adds a silhouette where your curves can be presented perfectly.

Giuliana, we salute you!

Image Source: Just Jared, A Shot Of Bacardi, The Budget Babe