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Tanya G x Gem Faria x So Solid Crew x Urban Soul Collaborate On ‘I Will Survive’ massive 2017 revival

February 20, 2017 | D&L

A few weeks ago we featured Tanya G’s latest single ‘I Will Survive’ on our site, as the Indian-Irish Garage newcomer had taken on the challenge of turning a legendary single into her own and making it the upbeat revival of Gloria Gaynor’s hit single.

The singer has celebrated the success of her single so far, as it has received support from radio stations across the UK and is also currently #6 on the Commercial Pop charts! Well done Tanya!

However, the regeneration of this single isn’t over yet. The dance floor hit has taken on some more work, as it has just received further reconstruction with new remixes from Garage veterans that literally bring out the Old Skool vibes of this classic record.

The experimental sounds of Gem Faria’s remix to So Solids pulsating baseline, and Urban Soul’s crazy bass-drops, this collaboration is sure to submerge the music scene.

The Garage, Hip-Hop and Grime collective, So Solid Crew has joined in on this trend of all things old becoming new; by taking on the production and hyping it up with the already existing dance vibes of the record. This new composition merges Tanya’s vocals into a fast-paced but addictive backing track, that will sub-consciously work its way into your mental and get you humming along in no time.

The Gem Faria remix matches that experimental edge to the already risky version that was released by Tanya G and DJ Kataku last year. Mentored by Garage veteran DJ Sticky, Gem Faria is here with a new take on the record and this time he’s swapped the backing track for a more modern Garage sound, taking the record to higher levels with a sound of the future.

German Producer, Urban Soul has put the urban in the classic record, as his mix compliments the Gem Faria futuristic sound with his own energetic tempo and vibrant bass-drops, sure to drive House heads everywhere crazy and us too!

This collaboration between TG, So Solid Crew, Gem Faria & Urban Soul is sure to satisfy the needs of Old Skool enthusiasts and also let the world know that Tanya G is here to stay!

Check out the new remixes here.

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Words by Martha

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