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The Kinki Collection: There’s A New Handbag Range In Town

May 31, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Imagine creating a brand and settling with it and your clientele in your home town, then one day leaving all you know behind to move country and set up shop in completely new surroundings…

Although unplanned, that’s exactly what Kinki Collection owners Adam and Hayley encountered when they uprooted from their workforce to continue in their production for a handbag brand elsewhere.

Today the pair are happily reminded how far they have come and their work is reflected in the feedback from their customers and product sales, as they continue to expand their name and build as a working partnership.

If you’re into your handbag’s and day-to-day accessories then check out their website along with their story as local hand-bag designers with experience at the best of places behind them in L’ART issue 8.

The issue will be available online Monday June 4th.

Image Source: Kinki Collection