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The UK’s Sonorous, Tiamat & Kid Fury Present ‘Dem Onez’

March 8, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

In last week’s anthem, we took it back to the time of old school hip-hop. With Mary J Blige and Method Man providing the 90s sound a lot of music lovers out there have come to appreciate and grew up listening to, you can imagine our reaction when we were introduced to a current day UK hip hop track that brings the era all back for us.

Artist’s Sonorous, Tiamat and Kid Fury have come together on the track ‘Dem Onez’ to give you an early summer time feel and definitely a track to get on your 2012 playlist.

With a feature from actress Gabrielle Union and her role on the film Deliver Us From Eva giving you a humorous intro, this trio prove to be living proof that hip hop is not or is no longer dead, (depending on your own views and what you thought about the statement that Nas made back in 2006) as they put their timeless stamp on the contagious beat.

Here is Sonorous, Tiamat and Kid Fury with ‘Dem Onez’. Tell us what you think.

Image Source: Direkt