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The US X Factor’s Marcus Canty Is Back

March 6, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Who remembers Marcus Canty? We sure haven’t forgotten about his talent as he was a memorable contestant on the last season of The X Factor US. The good news is that he has a single coming out and it happens to be one of the soundtrack singles for the upcoming movie ‘Think Like A Man’. That’s a great achievement in itself as amazing singers such as Jennifer Hudson are also on the soundtrack.

‘Won’t Make A Fool Out Of You’ is set to be Marcus’ new single and the luck just keeps coming for the R&B favourite as he is signed to Epic records. Although Marcus showed us some diversity on the talent show, we believe his star quality was shown more through the ballads and mid-tempo songs and his smooth voice would just draw you in to his performances.

So if you haven’t tuned in to his latest project, the wait is over. Here is ‘Won’t Make A Fool Out Of You’.

Image Source: The Dead Bolt