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Throwback Thursday: 112

March 14, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

We’re taking it back quite a few years with this male R&B group who released hit after hit with their five studio albums; Part III being one of the best. Yes, we are talking about 112.

We had a string of amazing and talented R&B boy groups during our childhood and 112’s track ‘It’s Over Now’ was definitely one of our favourites. The intro just gets you into the mood for the whole track and everyone knows that the lyrics ‘What is this, numbers in your pocket..’ are getting you ready for that subtle but crazy beat.

Recently there have been talks about 112 getting back together, but there have been no official signs of a reunion just yet. Last year the rumours began as 112 member Q tweeted: “In the studio wit my boys Mike and Daron! New 112 album coming soon!”

Is this album going to be a surprise for 2013? You’ll have to wait and see. Check out ‘It’s Over Now’ for our throwback thursday tune.

Image Source: Hip Hop Circuit

Video Source: YouTube