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Throwback Thursday: D’Angelo

Throwback Thursday: D’Angelo

July 24, 2014 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

It’s been over 10 years since Neo Soul singer D’Angelo last released an album, but it appears the wait will end for good later this year.

The latest reports insist that the unnamed project will be a combination of the Soul he has become a household name for, with rock influences, as well as a ‘melodic’ gel of all the things he loves. In a nutshell, it’s ‘a mixture and evolution of where he is right now.’

Insisting that it’s 99% done after previous false hopes were raised, manager Kevin Liles has been discussing his artist’s careful work on his 2014 release, to ensure the end result is exactly what he wants it to be.

“Here’s the thing: with D’Angelo it was a process,” he said. “He didn’t perform for 10 years and he’s been working on an album for the past 12 years. We have to get motivated around what people want to hear from you.

“There’ll be an album this year: there’s 14 records so far, we might have a couple of bonus records, but all the recording is basically done and we’re mixing and mastering now. Definitely, he’ll be back.”

With a tour also scheduled for October, the singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist has continued to tour since his 2000 release Voodoo and has also released exclusive tracks during his ‘hiatus’. The highly recognised Neo Soul artist burst onto the scene during the mid-90’s with hits such as ‘My Lady’, ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Devil’s Pie’, ‘Send It On’ and ‘Untitled (How Does It Feel)’.

“We’ll come back [to the States]. We’re doing a James Brown tribute in August [at the Hollywood Bowl] and some one-off things. But the touring will probably start in October and 2015.”

Here’s your throwback with Space Jam soundtrack favourite, ‘I Found My Smile Again’.

Photo Credit: Billboard