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Throwback Thursday: Fabolous

Throwback Thursday: Fabolous

December 4, 2014 | D&L

It’s a big week for Fabolous! First he revealed he would be releasing his new album, The Young OG Project, on Christmas Day and now he has announced the trailer for his ‘digital-only’ album.

This is Fabolous’ first album release in five years, so you can imagine the anticipation from his fans as they await for their Christmas present from the Brooklyn rapper himself.

“I always looked at how records would come in the fourth quarter and people had a lot of excitement behind that,” said Fabolous. “And that kinda slowed down, but when I started releasing mixtapes, I saw the energy of adults getting something for Christmas and I thought that was kinda cool.”

So it looks like this is the story behind his festive release. The first track ‘Lituation’ will be available to download and also for pre-order on iTunes on December 15th.

“It’s about a situation that can get lit,” Fabolous adds. “It’s real street, kinda aggressive – just a New York aggressive street record.

“The album is not really just telling a story, but it’s having a lot of fun. It’s very 90’s inspired and themed, a lot of flips and beats from the 90’s are on there.”

Also, with being the newest member of the Roc Nation family and becoming the face of the Rocawear BLAK Autumn/ Winter campaign, it’s going to be a great end of the year for Fabolous.

Check out the new trailer and a Fabolous throwback with ‘Everything, Everyday, Everywhere’, featuring Keri Hilson and Ryan Leslie.

Photo Credit: DDot Omen