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Throwback Thursday: Fear Of The Unknown

January 3, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Got To Dance is back on our screens this Sunday and before each series begins we tend to look back on the most memorable performances and performers from the previous year. Last year the level of creativity, ability and technique was extremely high which would explain the changes in the way the judges are getting even more strict with their red and gold stars for the 2013 competition.

But one theatrical group that stood out to us was Fear Of The Unknown. It’s very rare that we see a group of technically trained dancers use their passion for theatrical music and stories to showcase their dance moves in such a popular televised dance contest.

It was nice to see an act with a difference amongst the street, hip-hop, contemporary, jazz and ballet performers, to name a few, and that’s why they made it so far to competing for the prize in the final.

So for today’s Throwback Thursday, here are two performances from Fear Of The Unknown which is creativity at its best.

Image Source: Unreality TV

Video Source: YouTube