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Throwback Thursday: Iggy Azalea

February 19, 2015 | D&L

Iggy Azalea is marking her new music video with a directorial first!

On creating a new visual for her latest single ‘Trouble’, Iggy took the opportunity to direct the video too. Shot in Los Angeles’ sunny climates, the Australian rapper is joined by r’n’b’s Jennifer Hudson on track and on set, as she adds her powerhouse vocals to the hip-hop meets r’n’b sound.

Set for release on April 20th, the ‘Motown inspired, stripped back production courtesy of long-time collaborators, The Invisible Men and Salt Wives’, sees Iggy’s rap take on a softer tone, but what can we expect from the video?

Well with a wait set until the end of the month, it’s currently left up to our imaginations, but what we can envision is sunshine, a great on-screen connection between the two and plenty of female attitude from this diva duo. With one billion YouTube streams combined and 13 million global sales to date, anything less from the pair would be unheard of.

Since her rap debut, can you believe Iggy has earned an incredible 50 award nominations to date? Including four Grammy nominations, six AMA’s, seven EMA’s and nine VMA’s, not to mention the longest reign at Billboard number one for a female rapper, you can see why Iggy has been said to change the rap game.

Reclassified is out now.

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Photo Credit: Purple PR