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Throwback Thursday: Keyshia Cole

March 28, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

inger-songwriter, actress and record producer Keyshia Cole has been around for more than ten years in the music business and she has certainly made her own unique mark in the music industry.

She has gained more and more fans throughout each album that she has released over the years. From the 2005 release of The Way It Is to the more recent 2012 release of Woman To Woman, those seven years have seen a selection of ballads, up-tempo tunes and life-long lessons that she has passed onto many of her appreciative fans.

It has been proved quite difficult to chose our throwback tune from Ms Keyshia Cole as there are many memorable songs in her discography. But here is ‘You’ve Changed’, a track from her debut album The Way It Is, which sold over 89,000 albums in its first week!

So with her debut album in mind, here’s a track from the worlds first taster of Ms Keyshia Cole, ‘You’ve Changed’.

Image Source: M Music Mag

Video Source: YouTube