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Throwback Thursday: Kris Kross

May 2, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

On hearing the news this morning of Chris Kelly’s passing at the age of 34, we couldn’t resist getting in a double whammy of our Throwback Thursday collection and of course the second round today goes to the hip-hop rapping duo, Kriss Kross.

Known as the ‘Mac Daddy’ along with his partner in musical crime, Chris ‘Daddy Mac’ Smith, for your L’ART team, their burst onto the music scene and the legacy of their popular and most known track ‘Jump’, was one of the first hip-hop tracks we were introduced to.

These ‘two lil’ kids with a flow you aint never heard,’ with their fast lyrical flow, their own vocabulary, including the word ‘mackadocious’ and their own back to front style in fashionable wear, made it pretty hard not to become a fan of the double Chris invasion.

Totally Krossed Out saw 4 million copies sold making a historic debut for the young act and the man who discovered them, So So Def founder Jermaine ‘JD’ Dupri, in their shared native of Atlanta. In fact, JD and the So So Def team celebrated the label’s 20th anniversary this year with Kris Kross present.

Kris Kross’ other hits included ‘Warm It Up’, ‘The Way Of Rhyme’, ‘Lil’ Boys In Da Hood’ and ‘Can’t Stop The Bum Rush’, with three studio album releases in their career made. But today, in Chris’ memory, we’re going back to where it all started for the iconic duo of young rap.

Get your condolences in and take a trip back to the 90s with the pair’s debut single ‘Jump’.

R.I.P. Chris Kelly.

Image Source: Bulawayo24

Video Source: YouTube