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Throwback Thursday: Maxwell

April 11, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Don’t you just loving watching talent shows? Lately we’ve been watching The Voice UK and one thing we love about these shows is hearing the contestant’s song choice and that is where we got our track from for this week’s Throwback Thursday.

Contestant Liam Tamne sang his own rendition of Maxwell’s ever popular ‘This Woman’s Work’ and from the first phrase, he had captured everyone’s attention from the audience to the judges. Not forgetting the original sung by Kate Bush, but it was obvious to see where Liam got his inspiration from for what he had delivered.

Now if you’re fond of this song you’ll know that it’s not an easy one to sing, but Liam delivered it with ease. We wonder what Maxwell thinks of this cover…

Maxwell himself has been recognised as one of the artists who brought the neo-soul movement to the late 90’s. That mix of soul and contemporary R&B was what Maxwell portrayed best on his hit albums Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, MTV Unplugged and Embrya.

His last album release was back in 2009 when he released BLACKsummers’night, part one of a trilogy and his public were waiting on him for eight years to produce something after his album Now back in 2001. It sure was a great creation as BLACKsummers’night went platinum and Maxwell won 2 Grammy awards from 12 nominations that year.

Four years later, Maxwell has been performing with his 11 piece band, but we are yet to hear the second part to this trilogy. Could 2013 be the year for its release? SUMMERS’ will be the second part of three so look out for Maxwell’s future announcement!

Also, take a look at Liam Tamne’s version.

Image Source: Enter The Shell

Video Source: YouTube