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Throwback Thursday: Nas & De La Soul

Throwback Thursday: Nas & De La Soul

April 23, 2015 | D&L

Both Nas and De La Soul are making appearances this year at UK music festivals, so what an even greater time for them to collaborate on a new track together!

The famous hip-hop artists are very different with their craft, but certainly share the same beliefs when it comes to producing positive and honest music with a lot of meaning. The new song ‘God It’, follows news of De La Soul in the process of making their eighth studio album release and with a Kick Starter campaign behind them, the goal was set at $110,000 for them to create their next dream project.

But it seems the fans’ need for another De La Soul album is greater than expected, as the group smashed their record in the first day. With $472, 000 and counting, it looks like this upcoming album is going to make a huge impact on this year in music.

De La Soul have always been known as a group of unique individuals, who weren’t afraid to be themselves, create new trends and put their own stamp on songs when it came to sampling music. Now in the year 2015, will we be hearing an even greater spin on the world of sampling today?

When speaking about the new album, they said: “While busy at work we also like to play. This song is not on the new album, but an indication of good music to come. We’re still in Atlanta recording and it sounds amazing! We can’t wait to get this new album to you.”

Look out for more future news on the new album featuring 2 Chainz and Little Dragon!

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