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Throwback Thursday: Ne-Yo

March 26, 2015 | D&L

As part of the McDonald’s imLovinIt24 campaign, Ne-Yo teamed up with Motown Records artist, Sonna Rele, to produce a loving song for everyone, where every one can relate.

Titled ‘Every Day With Love’, the upbeat track was released through the partnership with the 24 hour campaign, which was all about connecting young people and bringing moments of joy into people’s lives.

Plus, some fans contributed to the project, as Ne-Yo used some of their lyrics in the song, when an open opportunity was given.

“This campaign is about something positive as opposed to all the negativity that’s going on in the world right now,” said Ne-Yo. “It’s about giving people another reason to smile. And being a super-positive person, I’m all for that.”

Positivity really does express the type of person Ne-Yo is. From using his life experiences (bad and good) as a way to communicate and relate to his fans through his music, it’s clear to see that it’s all about the love he has for his fans and family in the end.

Have a listen to the new song featuring Sonna Rele (who you can also hear on the Cinderella theme song) and a throwback track with ‘Stop This World From Spinning’.

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