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Throwback Thursday: The Kings Of R’n’B

December 18, 2014 | D&L

Did you hear the latest concert news? Tank and 112 will be joining Joe and Ginuwine for one night only, for a concert date in the UK!

Unfortunately, Jagged Edge are now unable to make the event, but with these four iconic acts presenting the Kings Of R’n’B Tour for 2015, this January 30th date for your diary is a must with hosts The TCO Group at London’s Hammersmith.

R’n’B’s Tank has released six solo albums to date and is also a member of the top selling trio TGT, alongside Tyrese Gibson and Ginuwine. The group’s Three Kings album debut became a number one seller, making it his fifth spanning thirteen years.

Former Bad Boy Entertainment artists, 112, became popular following their birth in the 90’s and have been celebrated for hits such as ‘Peaches & Cream’, ‘Cupid’, ‘Only You’ and ‘It’s Over Now’ ever since. Despite solo releases, the group’s last release came in the form of 2005’s Pleasure & Pain album, so no doubt fans will be looking forward to the upcoming stage reunion in the New Year.

Here’s a throwback from ‘the Kings Of R’n’B’ for your last L’ART throwback of the year.

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