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Throwback Thursday: Whitney Houston

February 14, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

This week was the first anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death so today’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to this amazing artist.

Whitney influenced and coached a lot of young female singers throughout her own growing career and she was never afraid to try something new when it came to singing and acting.

Although she has a lot of popular upbeat songs such as ‘Queen Of The Night’, ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’, and ‘Million Dollar Bill’, she is mostly known for her iconic ballads and love songs.

So on this Valentine’s Day we have chosen two Whitney classics, ‘I Will Always Love You’ and ‘My Love Is Your Love’; two different love songs but they both contain that one untouchable voice.


‘I Will Always Love You’

‘My Love Is Your Love’

Image Source: Television Tropes

Video Source: YouTube